Victor Santos’ new comic Paranoia Killer is a dark thriller with an unassuming cartoon look

Comics have never been bigger: with Marvel TV shows, DC movies, and indie adaptations growing by the day, comic books have never been more prominent in pop culture. This ongoing Verge column recommends comic series new and old, whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer.
Sometimes the art and narrative of a comic go hand-in-hand. A horror story might be full of lots of black and reds, while a superhero comic is brighter and cleaner. Paranoia Killer goes in a different direction. The series is a dark thriller, full of violence and serious subject matter, but with a visual style reminiscent of a Nickelodeon cartoon. Somehow, it still works.
What is it? Paranoia Killer is a brand-new series — so far, only the first of four parts is…

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