Unreal Engine can now capture facial expressions via an official iOS app

Epic says the tool can be used alongside full motion-capture suits, or while an artist is sitting at their desk. | Image: Epic Games

A newly released iOS app from Epic Games lets developers record facial expressions that can be imported directly into the Unreal Engine, using little more than an iPhone’s front-facing camera. The Live Link Face app, which is available to download now from the App Store, can stream this facial animation data in real time directly onto characters in Unreal Engine, which Epic hopes will make facial capture “easier and more accessible” for creators.
Epic’s app works by building on a couple of Apple’s existing technologies, including its ARKit augmented reality platform, and the TrueDepth camera that Apple introduced with the iPhone X in 2017. It’s the same technology that powers Apple’s Animoji and Memoji, which map your facial expressions…

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