Nier: Automata director Yoko Taro’s newest game is a dark fairytale on mobile

SinoAlice has much of what you’d expect from a game from Yoko Taro, the acclaimed director best known for his work on Nier: Automata. It’s dark and introspective, with a story that pulls you in unexpected directions. This time around, he’s turned his attention to the worlds of fairytales; SinoAlice takes place in a setting simply called the “Library,” where storybook characters like Alice and Little Red Riding Hood become sword-wielding warriors fighting off waves of monsters in an attempt to revive their “author.” In typical deprecating fashion, Taro says he was drawn to these characters for a very simple reason.
“It’s because the copyright has expired and there’s no cost,” he tells The Verge. “I researched on Wikipedia. What a…

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